XP95 Test Tool

XP95 Test Tool


  • Ideal for use with all Control Equipment's Apollo XP95 protocol analogue addressable control panels
  • Enables an engineer to test and commission a loop of devices before the control panel is installed
  • Powerful data log function
  • 4 lines x 20 character alpha-numeric display
  • 12 key numeric keypad
  • High impact polystyrene moulding enclosure
  • Optional leather carrying case



The Apollo XP95/Series 90 test set is a self-contained, hand-held test unit capable of providing a number of useful functions in relation to individual monitors, ancillary devices or complete circuits of analogue addressable devices in the Apollo XP95 or Series 90 ranges.

The main function of the XP95 test set is to enable an engineer to test and commission a loop of devices fully before the control panel is installed. It can also be used for site maintenance and device performance testing and includes a powerful data log function for long-term soak testing. The unit may be powered from an AC power supply unit or its own internal batteries. When the test set is used on mains supply, the batteries are continuously maintained in a healthy condition by the integral charger circuit. The length of time for which the test set may be run on batteries depends on the loop load and printer usage, but approximately 8 hours can be assumed as an average. 

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage: 24v DC (regulated)
Input Voltage: 30v DC @ 300mA (unregulated input to charger)
Mains Voltage: 240v/12v AC, 50/60Hz
Loop Protection: 1 x 250mA self-resetting thermal fuse
User Connection: 2 x 4mm line sockets, 16 pin printer connection and 2.5mm power/charger input socket
Dimensions: 185mm long x 135mm wide x 40mm deep
Weight: 1 kg (including integral batteries)

Part Numbers

2500/501 Test tool
2500/502 Test tool carrying case