XPLORER Изолятор, 59000-700

Изолятор, 59000-700

Operating Principles

The XPlorer isolator senses and isolates short circuit faults on XPlorer loops. It is loop powered and polarity sensitive.
Power and signals to the affected section are restored automatically when the fault is cleared.

Electrical Description

Under normal operating conditions, a low resistance is present between the –L IN and –L OUT terminals of the isolator, so that power and signals pass to the next device in the line.
If a short circuit or abnormally low resistance occurs, the fall in voltage is sensed and the isolator isolates the negative supply in the direction of the fault.
The XPlorer incorporates the same isolating circuitry as other Apollo isolating devices. For more information on isolation principles please refer to PIN sheet PP2090, ‘Short circuit isolation in XP95 and Discovery fire detection systems’.


Minimum Loop Operating Voltage in normal conditions: 17V dc
Maximum Loop Operating Voltage: 28V dc
Maximum Loop Current: 1A continuous
3A switching
Maximum Load: 20 XPlorer detectors or equivalent
Operating Temperature: –20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: –30°C to +80°C
Operating Humidity: 0–95% RH, non-condensing