Batteries For All Control Panels


  • Ideal for use with all Control Equipment's control panels and power supply units
  • Valve regulated
  • Sealed lead acid
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Range from 2.1 AH to 65 AH available
  • Designed cycle life of 3 to 5 years
  • Generally available from stock
  • Competitively priced
  • Battery enclosures available for out of panel storage


The Powersonic range of batteries are all valve regulated, sealed lead acid and maintenance free. The heavy duty lead-calcium alloy grids make the batteries suitable for standby or cyclic use.

Connection is by spade terminals up to 10 AH and by terminal posts on higher capacities (nuts and bolts provided).

Technical Specification

2.1 AH Dimensions: 34mm W x 178mm L x 60mm H
3.4 AH Dimensions: 67mm W x 133mm L x 60mm H
7 AH Dimensions: 65mm W x 151mm L x 94mm H
12 AH Dimensions: 98mm W x 151mm L x 94mm H
17 AH Dimensions: 76mm W x 181mm L x 167mm H
24 AH Dimensions: 175mm W x 166mm L x 126mm H
38 AH Dimensions: 165mm W x 197mm L x 175mm H
65 AH Dimensions: 168mm W x 260mm L x 207mm H

Part Numbers

2602/001 2.1 AH Battery set
2602/003 3.4 AH Battery set
2602/004 7.0 AH Battery set
2602/005 12 AH Battery set
2602/006 17 AH Battery set
2602/007 24 AH Battery set
2602/008 38 AH Battery set
2602/009 65 AH Battery set