Interior Status Indicator Unit

Interior Status Indicator Unit


  • Ideal for use with Prescient II and R3 control panels
  • Attractive style to match Prescient II panels
  • Clear and bright LED status indications
  • Removable grommets for cable installation
  • Push button controls may be tagged & sealed for security
  • Auto / Manual selection Key-switch
  • Manual Release, Timer Hold and Abort functions available



The status indicator unit is designed for use with the PrescientII control panel or the R3 rack system. There are two different types of status indicator, all giving separate lamp indications for auto, manual and discharged conditions.

The basic status indicator has the lamp indications and auto-manual key switch. The second type allows the additional functions of a timer hold, abort and manual release function. Up to 8 status indicator units may be powered from one PrescientII panel. The inputs for the timer hold, abort and manual release are fully monitored. 

Technical Specification

Unit Dimensions: 155mm wide x 140mm high x 70mm deep (including controls)
Current Consumption at 24v DC: 24 mA per lit indication
End of Line Resistor for Prescient Panel: 3k9 ohms 0.25 watt
End of Line Resistor for R3 Rack System: 4k7 ohms 0.25 watt

Part Numbers

2500/119 Basic status indicator unit
2500/120 Status indicator with manual release, timer hold and auto/manual keyswitch