Discovery Panel Repeater

Discovery Panel Repeater


  • Designed for use with Voyager and Discovery analogue addressable control panels
  • Style to match control panels
  • Available in small cabinet (illustrated) or larger cabinet with zone LEDs and additional printer / equipment space
  • 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD
  • User friendly controls enabled by a keyswitch
  • Unambiguous screen
  • Membrane facia with tactile switches
  • Panel or local mains powered
  • RS485— 2 core data comms



The power supply requires 230 volts AC supply input and provides three separate outputs of 28 volts DC, 5 volts DC and a temperature compensated 27.5 volt DC (float) output for battery charging. The 28 volt output is derived from the DC output of the switchmode power supply, whilst the 5v DC output is derived via a regulator on the A1584 control board. In the event of mains failure, the power supply will automatically change over to the standby batteries. The engineer may enable or disable the earth fault monitoring feature.

The repeater has a 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD display, showing device address, zone, type, status and location text. The user controls are accessed by means of keyswitch enabled membrane controls. Up to 14 repeaters can be connected to the RS 485 repeater terminals.


Technical Specification

Repeater status Powered from panel auxiliary supply Powered from local 1A p.s.u.
Mains failed battery current 40mA 105mA
Alarm condition battery current 75mA 140mA
Maximum battery current 80mA 145mA


Sizes High Wide Deep
2500/830 and 2500/842 Basic
370 mm 325 mm 106 mm
2500/844 Repeater c/w zone
445 mm 405 mm 106 mm

Part Numbers

2500/830 Discover/Voyager/Xplorer basic repeater
2500/842 Discover/Voyager/Xplorer repeater c/w 1 Amp Psu
2500/844 Discover/Voyager/Xplorer c/w repeater zone LEDs, 1 A PSU and space for printer